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Day 40: The Great Commandment and The Great Commission

Matthew 28:19-20 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Over the last 39 days, we have heard from different pastors and leaders on turning Singapore Godward, Winning the Youth and Blessing the Nations.

This is a vision for everyone in every church in Singapore. Not just pastors and leaders, but every believer.

In turning Singapore Godward – we want to see more people coming to faith in Jesus. We cannot just live and let live. We are called to be God’s light and to bring His light into every arena of darkness.

When light enters, darkness has to flee. 

More than anything, people need Jesus. So let’s be intentional to reach out to our schoolmates, colleagues, neighbours, relatives and friends. Let’s spread God’s love and share the Gospel with the people God has positioned in our sphere of influence, through our good works and our words.

In winning the youth – I want to encourage us to pray and invite our relatives and friends who are students and children to our churches. If you have a classmate, friend, niece, nephew, grandchild or neighbour who is a young person, invite them to a small group and worship service.

Everyone has a part in what God is doing in and through our churches. Young and old, rich and poor, man and woman, boy and girl, God has put us together in this nation to fulfil the Great Commission.

In blessing the nations – as we pray for the nations, let’s also get involved in missions. Jesus went, saw and had compassion for people. We need to take the first step.

One first step is to sign up for short-term mission trips. Let God expand our hearts and extend His reign beyond the shores of Singapore.

So, once again, the three strategic focal points that God has given to Singapore: Turning Singapore Godward, Winning The Youth and Blessing The Nations.

Everyone has a part in what God is doing in and through our churches.

At a pastors’ meeting at the start of 2023, after I shared these three focal points, I posed a question to the leaders present. 

And just as I posed that question to them, I would like to ask you the same question: Do you think this is a God-thing or a human-thing? 

If it is just a human thing, we should just listen and then move on with our lives.

But if it is a God-thing, as I believe it is, I am asking us to pray together. I am asking us to invest our time, talent and treasure to pursue what is on God’s heart.

If it is a God-thing, I am asking us to give our very, very best to the One that is truly worthy of it all.

If it is a God-thing, let us move out from the spectator stand into the playing field. Let’s not just sit and watch things unfold before our eyes. Let’s get involved! 

God loves Singapore and God wants to fulfil His destiny for this nation. That is why God has brought us together for this purpose.

Today is August 9th and we are celebrating the 58th year of our independence. What a special day to offer our prayers to God for Singapore! Let us pray: 

Dear Jesus, thank you for loving Singapore. Thank you for choosing to work through us to be your instruments of blessings and peace. I pray that you will unite our hearts in your vision for Singapore.

Even though we are different, the things that unite us are much more precious than the things that work to separate us.

Unite us in your Great Commandment and Great Commission. Help us to love one another and to love those who are still outside Your family. In Jesus’ Name, we pray, Amen.

Download the PDF version of today’s devotional here.

/ Reflect

Over the last 40 days,

  • How has God changed your heart for those who don’t yet know Jesus? 
  • How have you seen yourself and your church community step out to turn Singapore Godward, win the youth and bless the nations? 
  • After these 40 days of prayer, what are some things God is leading you to continue doing and being involved in?
/ Pray
  • Pray for a Godward Singapore. Ask God for deep conviction and fervour among individuals and churches to share the Gospel. Pray that God’s light will shine brightly in every area of darkness and every believer become an active ambassador of this light.
  • Pray earnestly for God to stir the hearts of young people across Singapore, drawing them to His grounding truth and unshakable hope. Pray for opportunities to invite them into church communities, small groups and worship services. Ask God to equip you and others with the ability to guide these young hearts in their spiritual journey.
  • As you seek to bless the nations, pray for Jesus’ heart of compassion. Pray for the courage to take the first step, whether it’s signing up for a short-term mission trip or finding other ways to serve God’s global Kingdom.