SAVE THE DATE! Day of His Power • 8 Aug • 8pm
Day 20 / 20.07.23 / Pastor Isaiah Fadzlin, Ministry Overseer, Faith Assembly of God Church

Day 20: Slaying our giants

1 Samuel 17

We are living in the most amazing time in history! We see God in the nations, and we see how God is moving in colleges in America. But I believe that God wants to move in our nation, Singapore, too. 

I believe that we are living in a time when He is moving in great power, not only in the nations, but also in our nation. Today, as we look at 1 Samuel 17, there are keys in here that will help us not only get a personal breakthrough, but the story is also about a national breakthrough, of how a nation can go into the full promise that God has for her. 

We see how David slays Goliath – we know the story very well. But I want to share with you three points that are found here that will help us bring this nation and bring our churches, our personal lives, into the breakthrough and the promises that God has for all of us.

There are three things that are important and that are highlighted in this Scripture.

First, David identified his giant. I believe that, in any generation, there are giants to be slain. I don’t know what that giant might be for you. It might be fear, it might be a word that has been spoken against you.

One of the things that the giant will do is he will provoke and he will intimidate. The whole idea is to keep you below your potential, keep you in your tents, never fulfilling all that God has for your life. 

But David identified the problem. David identified that his breakthrough was to go and slay this giant. We see this story of how he walked into the arena and how he slayed this giant and, at the end of it, it was not just his breakthrough but it was a national breakthrough.

Secondly, we discover the importance of knowing God. David shared how he knew God. He knew the God of victory in his journey of slaying the bears and the lions to get where he was.

As he stood before this giant, he declared one thing he knew very well – that he came in the name of the Lord, knowing this God of great importance.

This generation needs to know God. Knowing God is not just knowing information about God. We are living in a day where there is so much information; there are so many different platforms trying to inform us of how we should live. Yet David’s personal knowing of God was the key to having his breakthrough. 

The Bible says in Daniel 11:32: “Those who know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” (KJV) We need to share and preach the importance of knowing God. 

Last, and of great importance, is that we need to initiate a faith movement. This generation is looking for an act from their leaders, an act from Christians, to walk into the place of their battles and bring faith again to this nation. 

We see here how the whole nation was in their tents, looking into the arena, looking at this little boy in whom all hope and all responsibility lay. The Bible says the moment that Goliath fell, the moment the stone hit his forehead, the whole nation began to regain hope and faith because of this one boy and his movement. Instead of David moving away from God or away from his giant (Goliath), he ran towards it instead and this caused a national revival for his nation. 

Today, I believe with all my heart that if we take this key principle into our devotion, our ministry and our families, we will see not only a personal breakthrough but we will see a national breakthrough. Let us pray:

Father, we thank You that You have given us this principle, You have given us this truth. We pray that we will take that step to walk into our arena and slay our giants because we know that You are a God who does the impossible. 

As we do this, we pray You will bring a ripple effect throughout the generation to unleash them into their promises. We thank You, God, and may the glory of God come upon this nation and the revival of God ignite our hearts once again. 

In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

Download the PDF version of today’s devotional here.

/ Reflect
  • How does God bring about a national breakthrough through our personal breakthroughs?
  • Do you know more information about God or more of the person of God Himself? 
  • What is the giant in your life that God is revealing to you? What is an actionable step to take to begin facing and slaying this giant?
/ Pray
  • Ask God for the wisdom and courage to identify and stand against the giants in your personal life. These could be ungodly fears, societal pressures or any other hindrances to the fulfilment of God’s plans.
  • Pray for leaders in Singapore and the Church to lead by example and boldly step into their battles. Pray that their acts of faith can lead to personal, church-wide and national breakthroughs especially in these turbulent times.
  • Pray for a spirit of revival to move across Singapore as individuals and the Church community take obedient steps of faith. Ask God to raise up a powerful faith movement which will turn the hearts of many back to God.