8/8: Join Day of His Power at 7 regional centres across Singapore.

{ Opening }

01Day 1: Three keys for the Church in Singapore

{ Turning Singapore Godward }

02Day 2: Light and oil 03Day 3: Keep watch and pray 04Day 4: The value of a lost soul 05Day 5: The urgency of evangelism 06Day 6: Shalom for Singapore 07Day 7: Rebuilding the walls of Singapore 08Day 8: Visible loyalty to the invisible King 09Day 9: With gentleness and respect 10Day 10: The incredible love and power of God 11Day 11: The greatest commandment is this 12Day 12: To the other side 13Day 13: Reaping starts with sowing 14Day 14: Our surpassing treasure 15Day 15: Gravitating towards God

{ Winning the Youth }

16Day 16: A prayer for parents and children 17Day 17: The second-generation Church 18Day 18: Show the youth a life worth living 19Day 19: Pray together, build together, go together 20Day 20: Slaying our giants 21Day 21: A heart for the next generation 22Day 22: Boldly sharing Christ 23Day 23: The God of generations 24Day 24: Not just hearers but doers also 25Day 25: How to run the race 26Day 26: Listen to our youth 27Day 27: Light for these dark times 28Day 28: Mentoring Gen Z 29Day 29: Let a generation of leaders arise!

{ Blessing the Nations }

30Day 30: The spirit of the Antioch Church 31Day 31: His dwelling among us 32Day 32: From my father’s God to my God 33Day 33: He offers refuge 34Day 34: A city of refuge to the nations 35Day 35: That none should perish 36Day 36: The foreigner in our land 37Day 37: Therefore go! 38Day 38: Finishing the Great Commission 39Day 39: Look around, it’s harvest time!

{ Closing }

40Day 40: The Great Commandment and The Great Commission