SAVE THE DATE! Day of His Power • 8 Aug • 8pm
Day 06 / 06.07.24 / Rev Tan Kay Kiong, Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Day 6: God of supernatural movements

Ezekiel 47:1-12

I was reading Ezekiel 47 for my devotion when I was struck afresh by three supernatural and irresistible movements of God.

Ezekiel 47 was a prophetic vision that showed how a powerful river flowed out from the Temple of God in Jerusalem and became an incredible blessing to many. It prefigured the future in Revelation 22:1-2, when the river of life will flow from the throne of God for the healing of the nations.

Let’s look at the supernatural and irresistible movement of God:

1. How it began: The Source of the Movement

Ezekiel 47:1-2 shows us how the water first came “from below”. This was mentioned twice.

In verse 2 we see such a small beginning. The water began as a trickle!

In other words, the water source began in such an unexpected and insignificant way.

Surely, we recall what Zechariah 4:10 says: “Who dares despise the day of small things.

2. How it gained momentum: The Speed of the Movement

From verse 3 onwards, this small trickling of water flowed eastward and gained momentum and speed.

After every 530m, the water level rose. First, it rose to the ankle level, then the knee level, then the waist level and, finally, it became a mighty river that was impassable.

In verse 8, the torrential river flowed into the Dead Sea and salt water miraculously turned into fresh water. Totally supernatural!

Consider this – the Dead Sea contains an estimated 33-35% of salt and is 10 times saltier than normal seawater. Yet it turned into fresh water.

The impossible can happen with God!

3. How it reached the climax: The Scale of the Movement

Verse 9 onwards showed us how everything began to live where the river flowed. There were all kinds of sea creatures and all kinds of fish.

On each side of the river, there were all kinds of trees for food. All became exceedingly fruitful.

In other words, there was great fruitfulness and vitality wherever the river went.

Brothers and sisters, can you see the supernatural and irresistible movement of God? It may begin very insignificantly. But, with God, the impossible can happen and the impact is unimaginable!

No wonder the Psalmist once sang: “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God.” (Psalm 46:4)

Singapore can be that city that experiences the source, the speed and the scale of this heavenly blessing from God.

One of our favourite National Day songs, Home, goes:

I will always recall the city
Know every street and shore
Sail down the river which brings us life
Winding through my Singapore.

This is home, truly
Where I know I must be
Where my dreams wait for me
Where that river always flows

May Singapore become that River of Blessing!

Let’s pray together:

Our Sovereign Lord and Heavenly Father, thank You for loving Singapore and making her who she is today. You say that “whoever believes in me, rivers of living water will flow from within them”.

So, cause our faith to rise in You. Unleash Your supernatural and irresistible movement in us. Turn our finite insignificance into infinite significance. Do the impossible through us. Make us fruitful in every way.

We pray all these in Jesus’ most precious and worthy name, Amen.

/ Reflect
  • Is there something God wants you to believe and initiate today? Do not despise the day of small things.
/ Pray
  • Give thanks for how Singapore started and how the churches have grown over the decades.
  • Pray that, as believers and churches, we might be willing to start small and not be afraid of failure.
  • Pray to God over some of the impossible situations in your life or in the Church.
  • Ask for fruitfulness and vitality over every person and ministry you know.