SAVE THE DATE! Day of His Power • 8 Aug • 8pm
Day 07 / 07.07.23 / Rev. Terry Kee, Senior Pastor, Jurong Christian Church Chinese

Day 7: Rebuilding the walls of Singapore


The walls of Jerusalem were destroyed. There were attempts to rebuild but without success. After 150 years, the walls remained in ruins and the people were still vulnerable. 

The Word of God draws our attention to Nehemiah, the Jew who held the trusted position of a cupbearer to the king of Persia, a man entrusted to ensure the safety of the King’s food and drink. 

Although he lived a life of comfort in the palace of Susa, his heart was in Jerusalem, the city of his God and his forefathers, some 1,300km away. That’s the distance from Singapore to Phuket. 

In Nehemiah 1:2, the prophet writes: “Hanani, one of my brothers, came from Judah with some other man, and I questioned them about the Jewish remnant that had survived the exile, and also about Jerusalem.” 

When you hear about trouble befalling the people, churches or countries that are of concern to you, I’m sure you will search for information on them; we all do that. And Nehemiah did that, too. 

He heard that those who survived the exile and were back in the province were in great trouble and disgrace, that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and its gates burnt with fire. 

In the ancient world, a city without walls was a city vulnerable to its enemies. They had no defence, no protection. No wonder the people lived in constant distress, constant disgrace.

Are you willing to pray?

What did Nehemiah do when he heard about the broken walls of the city? 

In Nehemiah 1:4, we are told that he sat down and wept. For some days, he mourned and fasted and prayed before God. All because the walls were in ruins. 

Dear friends, many of you see 377a as the wall that protects the church and the nation from unrighteousness. I saw how distressed some of you were when it was repealed. Do you just stay resigned to that reality and leave the breaches as they are, allow righteousness to be attacked and harassed at will? Or do you do what Nehemiah did? 

Are you willing to pray? Or even fast for the Church and the nation? Are you willing to do whatever you can to rebuild the walls even at the expense of your personal comfort? 

It is my prayer that God will raise from among you more Nehemiahs for the Kingdom of God. Men and women who will fast and pray for Singapore and the Church; men and women concerned about the welfare and well-being of our nation; men and women who will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our future generations. 

Are you willing to be that Nehemiah for the Church and for Singapore? Let us pray:

Mighty God, we are thankful to You for Your love and grace that is in Christ Jesus. We are thankful to You, O God, that by grace we can become Your children and You have said in Your word that whatever we ask in the name of Jesus, You hear us. 

Mighty God, I pray that from among those who join us today, they will hear Your calling to be Nehemiahs who will stand up and stand in the gap for Singapore and for the Church. Thank you, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Download the PDF version of today’s devotional here.

/ Reflect
  • What is the spiritual significance of fasting, and praying over a nation?
  • What is the Lord saying to you about His heart for Singapore’s well-being?
  • Will you fast and pray for Singapore in these weeks?
/ Pray
  • Pray for God to fortify the walls that strengthen Singapore’s moral fabric and that help us as a nation pursue righteousness. This includes godly and wise leaders who live upright lives and safeguard policies that promote godly values, as well as unity and forbearance amongst different communities.
  • Pray for the desire, courage, wisdom and favour to rebuild walls that have been broken down that threaten the Church and families. Open up your heart and ask to be a Nehemiah for God.